What should I be doing as a volunteer manager/coordinator?

Volunteer managers and coordinators are responsible for recruiting volunteers, supporting them in their roles and recognising the contribution they make. The way volunteers are supported will depend on your club, the role of the volunteer and what an individual volunteer’s motivations are. Support might involve arranging volunteer inductions, training, ongoing mentoring and making sure volunteers receive appropriate thank yous for the work they do. In some organisations a volunteer manager will directly support each and every volunteer. In others, another individual will oversee a volunteer’s work and provide support with guidance from the volunteer manager.

A big part of a volunteer manager’s job is ensuring that people within the organisation treat volunteers fairly and appropriately. They also need to make sure that volunteers understand their roles and entitlements properly. This often means putting a volunteering policy and volunteer agreements in place, and making sure these are actively used.

The role of a volunteer manager or coordinator is a hugely important one in a sports club or group, because very often a club is run entirely by volunteers.

Find out more from the National Council for Voluntary Organisations about the role of a volunteer manager.

For detailed information you could also look at the National Occupational Standards for volunteer managers.

These have been written for people who are in paid volunteer management posts. If you’re a volunteer yourself who helps your club in your spare time, remember that these are professional standards. Don’t worry if you think you don’t meet them because they don’t apply to you: you contribute what you can and this is very valuable. However, they might be a useful reference to help you understand the potential scope of your role.

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