Is there a forum for volunteer managers where I can get support?

We hope that this site will answer many of the questions you encounter as a volunteer manager or coordinator. However, we know that you may find you have questions or issues you want to discuss with others in a similar role. You might also be keen to bounce ideas off other people outside of your club who work with volunteers.

There are a few potential sources of support like this in the sports sector and voluntary sector, depending on your sport and where you are in the country:

  • If your national governing body (NGB) has a volunteering programme, they might have someone responsible for volunteer engagement. Take a look at your NGB’s website and call them to find out if they offer help of any kind to coordinators.
  • Locally within your county sports partnership (CSP) there will also be someone who supports volunteering, although it may only be a small part of their role. See your CSP’s website or give them a call to find out if there’s any support like this available in your area.

The wider voluntary sector also offers support to volunteer managers. Here are some groups that you could join:

  • The Association of Volunteer Managers (AVM) is a membership organisation which any volunteer manager, paid or unpaid and working in any sector is eligible to join. Find out more information on AVM.
  • ivo connects volunteer managers and social action leaders. Get more information.
  • The UK Volunteer Manager Programme is an email discussion network, which you can join.

You might also contact your local Volunteer Centre, which will have contacts with all the agencies they recruit through in your local area and may have a network established. See the NCVO’s Volunteer Centre finder.

See the following links for more information:

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Association of Volunteer Managers - About volunteer managers

Ivo - Volunteer managers and social action leaders

Discussion network - UK Volunteer Manager Programme

NCVO - Volunteer Centre finder