I want to sign our club up to timebanking. How do I go about this?

Timebanking is a new way of volunteering where you can give your time and skills and, in return, receive another volunteer’s time and skills to help you or your organisation. Once you become a member, for every hour you volunteer you’ll get a time credit that you can exchange for an hour of another member’s time.

Timebanking can be done from person to person, from organisation to organisation, or from person to organisation.

Timebanking involves individuals and organisations exchanging skills. It isn’t strictly volunteering because you get something in return for your time. So if you do an hour’s book-keeping for an organisation, for example, you’re entitled to an hour’s help with something else. Timebanking could be a great way for your club to get skilled help with an ad-hoc task. There are over 290 local timebanks set up throughout the UK.

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