How do I accredit volunteer training?

To accredit training means to align it with internal or external standards. It’s a way of validating that someone’s performance meets an agreed level that has relevance in the wider world outside your club.

Not all training needs to be accredited. Induction training that introduces your volunteer to a club, for example, is usually informal and unique to your club. Accredited training is often most appropriate for volunteers in roles where there is a defined national standard – coaching qualifications, for example. It’s also useful when volunteers are looking for formal recognition of the work they have put in through volunteering, which is often the case if they’re developing their CVs.

If a volunteer is on an externally provided course (such as a coaching qualification), the training will already be accredited. If you’re developing your volunteers through your own efforts there may be ways you can get your volunteers’ inputs externally recognised.

Asdan has programmes that enable volunteering to be accredited and vInspired runs schemes that enable 16-25 year olds to get certificated awards for their hours of volunteering – see the links below.

Volunteer Now has produced a detailed fact sheet on accrediting volunteering. While it’s specific to Northern Ireland, many of the principles it refers to are relevant to schemes in any location.

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