How can I get feedback from volunteers?

Getting feedback from volunteers can help in all kinds of ways:

  • Feedback from volunteers on the support they’ve received from you can help improve your volunteer management.
  • Feedback from event volunteers can help you plan events more effectively in future.
  • Volunteers can offer suggestions that will help you run all aspects of your organisation better.

Surveys, questionnaires, evaluation forms and interviews are all useful ways of collecting feedback. Collecting information anonymously will encourage your volunteers to respond honestly, so where possible you should do this. Likewise if you’re interviewing volunteers about their experiences of being managed, it could be worth getting someone who isn’t the volunteer manager to conduct these interviews.

Collecting feedback could be something you schedule in regularly to help with your planning. For example you might run a survey every six or 12 months. Getting the views of volunteers who are leaving is also worthwhile as it can help you develop your volunteering programme.

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