Do I need special insurance as a volunteer?

What happens if there’s an accident while you’re volunteering? Insurance is an important issue for every sports club – and the volunteers who keep them running.

General insurance for volunteers

Most clubs will have taken out an insurance policy that protects you against any damage, loss or injury while you’re volunteering. They often receive this through affiliation with their sport’s national governing body (NGB). Check with your club management or your NGB to find out more. 

Find out how to get insurance for your club at Club Matters.

Insurance for coaches

If you’re a coach, and someone is injured or suffers loss or damage while under your supervision, they may make a claim against you. To protect against this you will need Third Party Liability insurance.

There are many private insurance companies who offer coaching insurance. If you’re a gold or silver member of Sports Coach UK, you will already have specialist coaching insurance, including public liability and professional indemnity insurance.

Driving as a volunteer

If you drive your own vehicle as part of your volunteer role, you’re responsible for being insured and for letting your insurer know that you use it for volunteering. You should check your policy to see if it covers you for volunteer driving and you should let your insurance company know that you’re using your car for this purpose. If you drive a vehicle owned by the club, the club is responsible for insurance. You’re responsible for ensuring you have a valid driving licence.

Some insurance companies don’t charge extra for volunteer driving.

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