How can I get more women volunteering at my club?

You might be aware that more men than women take part in sport and physical activity. But did you know that sports volunteering is also male dominated? Changing this is really important. Volunteers have a big part to play as role models in sport and in creating the kinds of environments where others like them want to take part. If a club is run by largely by men, even if it has a women’s team or sessions for women, then some women might be put off.

Attracting female volunteers to your club or group is about reaching out to them in the right ways and through the right routes, making your environment welcoming for them and making sure they feel supported. You could ask the female participants and volunteers you already have to act as advocates – they may be able to spark interest in other women. Communicate that you don’t necessarily need to be sporty to volunteer, as this is often a perception that people have.

Our guide to helping women and girls to get active is useful – a lot of the information about communication channels and materials, working with partners and welcoming women as participants is equally relevant to volunteers.

Women in Sport also has some useful information.

Reach is Sports Coach UK’s campaign to get more women into coaching. Point any women who are interested in becoming a coach to the Reach site for more information. 

Sports Coach UK also has some information about recruiting and developing female coaches.

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