I’m a coach – are there minimum standards that I need to adhere to?

Specific requirements for coaching will depend on which sport you’re coaching. The best place to seek advice on coaching standards is the national governing body for your sport.

Sports Coach UK has published a guidance document with recommended core standards for all coaches. They advise:

  • A Level 1 sport specific qualification if you’re assisting a coach or helping out a club/group. (You may also need a DBS check and/or knowledge of first aid and safeguarding children.)
  • A Level 2 sport specific coaching qualification if you’re coaching independently.
  • A Level 3 qualification if you want to deepen your coaching skills.

These core standards are a starting point for all coaches but national governing bodies will be able to advise on additional training and skills required for their specific sport.

Get more detailed information on the advised core standards from the Sports Coach UK website.

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