How can I change my volunteer role/become a coach/become a marshal?

If you want to change your volunteering role, it’s best to talk with the volunteer manager at your club. They might have other roles available at the club that will fit your hopes and expectations better than the role you’re in now.

A good place to start is to think about what you can offer as a volunteer. What skills do you have, and what skills would you like to develop? What do you not like about your current role? What would you like to change? Understanding this will help you find a better role in sports volunteering. The national governing body of your sport might also have more information on what kind of volunteering roles are useful and needed in your sport.

If you want to become a marshal, you could contact your local parkrun and sign up to volunteer.

If you want to become a coach, the first step is to go to the website of your national governing body to find out what kind of qualifications you need for your sport. You can also find more information on becoming a coach on the Sports Coach UK website.

See the following links for more information:

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