Can the organisation I volunteer for ask me to leave?

Just as you’re not obliged to volunteer, the organisation you volunteer with is not obliged to offer you a volunteering opportunity. However, they should have a good reason for ending your volunteering opportunity.

If you’re asked to leave, you should find out why. Some common reasons might include:

  • The volunteer role you fulfil is no longer needed
  • You haven’t performed your role very well
  • Your behaviour while volunteering has been seen as a problem.

If your role is no longer needed, then the organisation should ask if you’d like to help them in another way and offer you alternative roles if they possibly can. If you’re keen to continue helping out, you should ask about this.

If you haven’t performed your role very well, then you should think about why this might be. If it’s because you haven’t had the right training or support to do the task then you should say so. If you signed a volunteer agreement that suggested you would get this support, then point this out. Hopefully the volunteer manager would address these issues first before asking you to leave, but if that hasn’t happened then you should raise this.

If you’ve been asked to leave because of your behaviour, then the question is whether you think this has been judged fairly. If you signed a volunteer agreement, look at what it says about conduct. Volunteer agreements aren’t binding, they set expectations rather than standards that must be adhered to, but you should use them as a guide. You could also refer to any policies and procedures your club has in place.

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