Getting involved with a local swimming club is the important first step onto the Para-Swimming talent pathway for para-swimmers

The ASA England Para-Swimming Talent Programme helps support young English swimmers who show the potential to compete for Great Britain at Paralympic level.

There are currently no specific centres for Para-Swimming talent, partly due to the young age of the swimmers and also because of the undoubted benefits of being in a mainstream swimming club. A regular pool can fulfil all of the needs of Para-Swimmers.

Core skills and competition

Athletes are encouraged to enter at least five competitions a year and the focus is on developing core skills in the pool alongside able-bodied swimmers.

From the group of classified swimmers, which includes 10 different types of impairment, talented para-athletes are chosen for the Spotlight pathway.

There are currently 13 swimmers on this lower tier of support, with 24 further athletes supported on the next step: the Development tier.

All 24 of the athletes on the Development pathway have been nominated for SportsAid funding and two have also gained awards from our Backing the Best fund.

Further support

While our Talented Athlete Sponsorship Scheme (TASS) and Advanced Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence (AASE) schemes are not available to para-swimmers due to their age, we do provide further support to both athletes and coaches.

Home programme visits from talent officers, talent camps, workshops for athletes, coaches and parents and other scheduled contact time ensure swimmers and their coaches can successfully progress along the talent pathway.