Sport Satisfaction Survey

Survey of around 46,000 sports participants, exploring their satisfaction with the quality of their sporting experience across 10 domains, including social aspects, officials, coaching, facilities and value for money.

The survey was undertaken in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012.

This survey helps national governing bodies (NGBs) of sport in their work around sustaining participation, and it measures satisfaction in 46 different sports, and within each sport, across three levels of engagement – general participants, affiliated club members and the talent pool.

In each case the survey compares the perceived importance of a domain (or aspect) with the satisfaction of that aspect of sport. (Importance was included in all the survey years with the exception of 2010).

How can the CSP use the tool with partners?

  • To inform and improve dialogue with NGBs and local authorities
  • Adds to the overall picture of sports participants’ motivations and barriers, which can help to influence development and delivery of interventions at the local level
  • These results are also overlaid onto the Sports Market Segments, to provide deeper understanding of each segment’s satisfaction with the sport they play.

What are the costs?

There are no costs to use the information from the survey.

What can it be used for?

  • Provides an overall metric of trends in satisfaction at the national level and by sport, which we can monitor over time
  • In-depth intelligence into the factors that are important to people’s sporting experience, and how far these are being met
  • Allows the study of the gap between importance and satisfaction to determine where the experience could be improved (or where expectations are being exceeded).

What will it tell me?

The survey results are presented as a headline report and 46 separate sport-specific reports which cover the following issues:

  • The areas of sporting experience which are most important to participants, and their satisfaction levels with these
  • In-depth exploration of items within each satisfaction domain, for example within the Value for Money domain, it can look at participants’ satisfaction with booking fees, non-sport facilities, membership fees and clothing and equipment
  • Insights into satisfaction levels by gender and some geographical breakdowns
  • A drop-out survey exploring factors behind those no longer participating in sport.

Increased satisfaction with sporting experience is also a strong determinant in sustaining participation and increased usage of facilities. The results from the survey have been developed into material for use by local authorities explaining what drives satisfaction in those sports local authorities are most interested in. There are practical examples of how these insights are important in helping deliver against a range of outcomes such as increasing participation or demonstrating an increase in the quality of life for certain people which are crucial as council services start to move towards a commissioning-based model.

What won't it tell me?

This survey does not provide participation information.

It also does not provide satisfaction information on non-participants (other than the drop-out survey).

Where can I find out more?

Overall and sport by sport results:

Materials for local authorities to use:

If you have any queries please contact the Research Team at Sport England:

March 2014