Facilities Planning Model (FPM)

The Facilities Planning Model (FPM) is one of our strategic planning tools

It is a computer model which has been developed with sportscotland and Edinburgh University. The FPM allows modelling of the current and future level of provision for the major community sports facilities of swimming pools, sports halls and artificial grass pitches.

What are the costs?

Current data for the provision of swimming pools, sports halls and artificial grass pitches are produced each year by Sport England and can be accessed via the Relationship Manager (Facilities and Planning) or Planning Manager within the relevant Sport England local outreach team.

Bespoke local assessments can be provided on a chargeable basis. Authorities may wish to test the impact of specific scenarios such as potential closures, development or investment decisions. The costs for local jobs depend on the size and scale of each job, but as a guide likely costs tend to be in the region of £3,000 to £5,000 per facility type. Interpretation of the findings of the FPM and accompanying reports are done by Sport England staff or approved consultants only.

What can it be used for?

It can provide a strategic snapshot of supply and demand and enable a local authority to make informed decisions about facility provision within their area. It can also assist with issues around the impact on provision from rationalisation, development of new and improvement of existing facilities to deliver sporting and corporate objectives.

What will it tell me?

In its simplest form the model seeks to assess whether existing facilities are capable of meeting local demand for that facility, taking into account how far people are prepared to travel to a facility.

The FPM can:

  • Help to assess the level of current facility provision at different levels such as local, regional and national levels
  • Test what-if scenarios in provision and changes in demand; this includes testing the impact of opening, relocating and closing facilities and the impact population changes would have on the need for the sports facilities
  • Help local authorities determine an adequate level of sports facility provision to meet their local needs.

What won't it tell me?

The FPM does not predict actual usage of facilities: this is determined by range of factors, not least management and promotional policies, programming and the quality or attractiveness of the facility concerned. Nonetheless, the FPM can help in modelling the impact different policy options would have on the level of provision of community facilities.

Where can I find out more?

Email: planningforsport@sportengland.org

Or contact a Sport England Relationship Manager (Facilities and Planning) or Planning Manager in the relevant local outreach team

May 2014