Culture and Sport Outcomes Framework

The Culture and Sport Outcomes Framework is a web resource providing guidance for councils and their partners on how to create a local outcomes framework

Developed by the Local Government Association (LGA), Sport England, Arts Council England, English Heritage and the Chief Cultural and Leisure Officers Association, it demonstrates the contribution the sectors make to better outcomes for individuals, communities and places.

What are the costs?

It is a free web resource.

What can it be used for?

When completed with local evidence and intelligence the framework will help councils and their partners:

  • Measure and evaluate the difference your service makes and its contribution to local priorities
  • Make the case for continued investment of public money
  • Demonstrate to other organisations why they should be working with you
  • Influence the commissioning process
  • Focus business and service plans on the priorities for your area
  • Communicate the value of culture and sport to opinion formers and decision makers
  • Promote improvement by identifying what works in delivering better outcomes.

What will it tell me?

The outcomes framework has four elements:

  • An outcomes triangle
  • A logic model
  • Sources of evidence
  • A set of performance indicators

The outcomes triangle gives an overview of how culture and sport contribute to local priorities, either overall or under a specific policy theme such as strong communities. It shows the different levels of outcome that culture and sport contribute to.

The logic model illustrates the main links between service activities and local outcomes. It shows understanding of the benefits of culture and sport to individuals, communities and places, and how these in turn contribute to the achievement of intermediate and overarching strategic outcomes.

The evidence section underpins the outcomes triangle and the logic model. It lists the sources of local and national evidence that best demonstrate the contribution of culture and sport to the outcomes.

The set of performance indicators is how you measure the contribution of culture and sport to the outcomes.

Where can I find out more?

Access the resource on the LGA’s website by launching the tool in the link below

Or contact your Sport England Local Government Relationship Manager in the relevant local outreach team.