New ways of working

Delivering sport through local pilot schemes is a new way of working for us – which is why we'll need to work with the right partners who have an excellent understanding of their place

These pilots are deliberately focused on the whole place, not just the sporting infrastructure, so we expect to see new partners from beyond the sports sector as part of any consortia. This might include significant private sector companies if they are a large local employer.

We want any consortia to have strong and focused leadership, clear roles and responsibilities, and an ability to make key decisions. We know this will take time to set up – but we really want to see the potential for this to be established reasonably quickly.

Collaborative approach

We'll need you to be clear about the outcomes you're seeking for the place and the role you believe sport and physical activity can play. Our approach will be collaborative, open and led by the needs of the local place – we'll be clear on the outcomes we're seeking and work with you to understand how these align with your own. 

This approach will require the current providers of sport and physical activity to work differently together and for that supply chain to broaden and potentially reshape itself. The pilots may require policy change, influencing how resources are channelled and bold new practice at the local level. 

We expect some radical and diverse interventions may be needed to design an environment that drives activity

The pilots are not about linking together a series of small scale delivery projects in one place in the hope that this will drive change. We expect some radical and diverse interventions may be needed to design an environment that drives activity, so we want to work with partners who are prepared to be bold in their thinking and have the ability to drive change.

Sharing learning

There'll be a heavy emphasis on learning throughout the pilots and sharing this learning in a way that significantly helps other locations. Sharing this quickly will be an essential new feature of this work, so working with us to make this happen will be essential for all pilot places.

The high expectations of what we need to achieve will demand significant resources, capacity and time on both sides to see this programme through to a successful outcome. This will be a major commitment.

We urge you to think hard at this stage about whether being involved is the right thing to do. It may be that in your current circumstances and with the many challenges you face locally that this is not the right time for you to signal an interest in being involved.

If this is the case then we will commit to actively share the learning as we progress so that all will benefit, as well as sharing ongoing information about other investment opportunities with Sport England.

How will we measure success?

We will work with selected pilot places to closely monitor and evaluate the impact of the local delivery pilots. The pilots will have been a success if evaluation shows:

  • More people taking part – measured by a significant decrease in inactivity (as measured by the Chief Medical Officer guidelines i.e. 30 minutes of moderate intensity activity a week) in a sustainable way
  • Improved inclusivity in terms of who is taking part – measured by the profile of active people (in terms of demographics) being more representative of the population of the pilot places than when the pilots began
  • Improved outcomes as a result of the above – with proven contributions to some or all of the Government’s outcomes in pilot places. These are physical and mental wellbeing and individual, community and economic benefit.
  • Replication of success in other places (extra to the local delivery pilots) because of adoption and implementation of learnings from the local delivery pilots.