Local Delivery Pilot Community of Learning workshops

A series of workshops to enable a sharing of learning from our Local Delivery Pilots

When we launched the local delivery pilot (LDP) approach we stressed that there would be a strong emphasis on learning throughout the pilots.

Shared learning is an essential feature of this work and we want to be able to share in a way that significantly helps other locations. 

At our LDP Community of Learning workshops, together with the pilots, we will share what’s been happening in the pilots and what we’ve all learned.

For example:

  • What’s it been like trying to ‘do it differently’? And what’s been the  reaction?
  • What does collaboration look like? And how has engagement with communities changed?
  • What will it take to understand and measure impact?

Workshops and webinars

Please check back soon for more information on the next set of workshops and webinars.