Why disability sport matters

Since 2012 we have made disability sport a key focus of our work

We are currently investing over £170 million to make sport a practical and attractive lifestyle choice for disabled people and to get more disabled people playing sport.

 Figures from our Active People Survey released on 10 December 2015 show that 1.58 million people aged 16 years and over with a long term limiting illness or disability (17.2%) played sport once a week.

 This was an increase of 242,200 compared with APS1 (2005) and 17,500 more than the interim result published in June 2015 (17.2%) but 19,800 fewer than the result 12 months ago (17.6%).

 There is more to be done as a disabled person is still half as likely to play sport as a non-disabled person. Our work will seek to challenge and change this to enable disabled people to view taking part in sport as a practical lifestyle choice.

Our investment

Through our investment in disability sport, we’re helping ensure sport is ready to deal with disabled people wanting to take part. 

Inclusive Sport will build on our recent investments to improve the expertise offered by the disability sport sector to other organisations that want to get disabled people active. We have invested £18.2 million of National Lottery Funding in 87 projects to get more disabled people playing sport

Through our Get Equipped fund, we have invested a further £1.15 million into 145 local sports clubs to purchase disability equipment

Our Take-up Programme investment is funding Get Yourself Active, a three-year project led by Disability Rights UK (DRUK) to explore how we can support more disabled people to use their personal budgets to get active through sport and physical activity.

The project is being piloted locally in Cheshire, Norfolk and Leicester led by Disabled People User Led Organisations (DPULOs) and being driven nationally by DRUK, with the aim to build positive partnerships with heath, social care and sport. 

National Governing Bodies of Sport (NGBs) Participation by disabled people is a key strategic outcome for our work with NGBs. We have been working closely with all 46 of sports’ governing bodies to offer support and advice around disability provision to benefit both the organisation, the workforce and their overall Whole Sport Plan delivery for 2013-17.

All of our major capital investments are required to make their facilities accessible. To support designers, building owners and operators create accessible facilities, we have published online tools and guidance.


We work directly with the English Federation of Disability Sport (EFDS) to help accelerate their vision of enabling disabled people to be active for life. 

We also invest in eight national disability sports organisations (NDSOs) to advise, support and guide others as they create opportunities for participation by disabled people. 

Disability Insight

Our disability insight draws together, from a range of sources, information about disabled people; from demographics, their participation in sport, motivations, barriers and wider influences such as values, self-perceptions and status.

Information to help you will be released in a series of resources and they can be found via our Mapping Disability pages.

Investment map

The investment map shows how disability funding has been allocated across the country. 

To use the map you will need to go to Tools>Analysis>Object data tool.