Funding for the core market

There are three main things that we want to achieve with this fund

Man playing wheelchair basketball

Our main aims are:

  • Keep active people active – the ‘core market’. Regularly active people are an important audience. We believe the habit they have enhances their quality of life, giving them confidence, improving their wellbeing and helping to connect them to other people. We must not be complacent about this group as they are at risk of losing their active habit when life changes.
  • Focus on life changes. Changes in life are unavoidable, but what is important is that when circumstances change, people are supported to find the next activity that meets their new needs. This may mean an organisation that regularly supports people through major changes (e.g. GPs or student unions) can build this support into their service or advice, or those providing the activity are able to meet the changing needs of the individual.
  • Help support those who are more prone to drop out. Those who are in lower socio-economic groups, women, people with a limiting disability and people aged 55 and over are the most likely to stop exercising regularly. Under-representation in the sector is a priority for us. We want a sport sector that welcomes everyone, meets their needs, treats them as individuals and values them as customers, so our priority will be in helping these people.

How will we do this?

Our new fund aims to reach those people within the core market who are outside the reach of sport’s national governing bodies.

Any partner we work with will need to have a clear understanding of the lives of their customers. They’ll need to demonstrate how their project will maintain an individual’s active lifestyle when they’re heading towards, or going through, a major life change.

We’re keen to test different ideas and learn from our investments. The projects we invest in will need to help us learn more about how to keep active people active when life changes. For example, why some people from under-represented groups are able to maintain an active lifestyle when life changes and others can’t.

Who should apply to this fund?

We’re interested in working with a range of partners who have the ability to engage with active people at different life changes and help people from under-represented groups stay active. We’re looking inside and outside the sport industry. We won’t just fund sports bodies or activity providers.

Tackling under-representation in the sector is a key priority for us. Partners who have the ability to work with under-represented groups will be of a particular interest for this fund, especially those working with people from lower socio-economic groups.

Examples of potential partners could include:

  • Health professionals supporting people who have an injury or illness to find an activity that fits their current situation
  • Colleges and universities supporting people who are starting a new phase of education
  • Housing associations supporting those moving house find new activities in their local area.

We’re interested in innovation – we want to be bold with this fund

We want to be innovative and bold with this fund. As well as investing in those who might already have a strong track record of keeping active people active, we may also invest in organisations with new ideas which may require some ‘seed’ funding to prove or test concepts, who can help us learn something new.

We’ll be encouraging collaborative bids, where organisations want to work together to help support people find the next opportunity.

Examples of collaborative working could include helping those with sport-related injuries find another activity that keeps them active and helps them recover, or supporting new parents find ways to stay active that fit in with their new responsibilities.