After you have applied

Once you have applied to our Small Grants scheme there are a number of steps that will occur

 You will also need to complete the project reconciliation and reporting form  

Download the project reconciliation and reporting form


Assessment time-frame

Once you’ve pressed submit on your application we will check it is complete and that you have sent all the supporting documents we need. If anything is missing or we need some further information we will contact you within five working days and give you up to 10 working days to get the information to us.

Once everything is in place we will assess your application.

These two steps combined will take up to 10 weeks. During this period we may need to contact you about your application and we would typically do this by email.

Chance of success

Small Grants has limited funds, and we sometimes have to turn down eligible projects simply because we don’t have enough money to support every project.

We have analysed the success rates of over 500 recent applications and found that:

About 23 per cent of applications are unsuccessful because either the organisation or the activity are ineligible. Please check that you have all of the essential documents and that your project is something that we are able to fund.

About 11 per cent of applications are eligible, but lack sufficient clarity or detail in one or more areas. We do our best to understand your project, and will often work with you to clarify our understanding. It is worth spending some time making sure your project clearly addresses these points as this can improve your chances of success.

This means that around 66 per cent of applications are successful. However, some applications are clearer than others. Applications can always be strengthened and if we are not in a position to fund every project, we will select those that most closely meet our criteria.

It is not possible to give precise information about your likelihood of success, especially without seeing your completed application form. However, you can certainly improve your chances by using the guidance on this website and calling our funding helpline on0345 8508 508 to help you write the best possible application.

If you are successful

If you are offered a grant, you will receive an award pack, stating the purpose of the award and containing the Terms and Conditions of the grant contract. It will also contain various forms that you will need to fill in to accept and claim your award. Please read your award letter carefully and keep it safe for future reference. Your grant is intended specifically for the project you have applied for, and any proposed changes should be discussed with us in advance.

Before we can pay your grant you will need to send us:

  • Your completed Acceptance and Claim Form – to be returned within four weeks
  • Your completed Referee Declaration Form – completed by the same referee as detailed in your application form
  • Your completed Bank Details Form – your account must be in the same name as on your governing document
  • A copy of your most recent bank statement
  • Evidence of compliance with any specific conditions within your award letter.

If you are successful

We realise that unsuccessful applicants will be disappointed, and we have provided the guidance on this website to minimise the likelihood that this will happen. If your application is unsuccessful, we will write to you, giving details of the reasons. Unless your project is ineligible, we encourage you to re-apply and recommend that you contact your case assessor (whose details will be in the letter) to discuss the areas of your application that could be strengthened.