Asset transfer

Asset transfer involves the transfer of the ownership of land or buildings from government organisations such as local authorities to community groups like local sports clubs and trusts, often at a discounted price if there is a benefit to the local community.

As many sporting assets such as pitches and clubhouses are currently owned by local authorities and other public sector bodies, it's important for the future of community sport that we are able to support local authorities and sports clubs in the effective management of these assets.

With local authority budgets coming under pressure there is an increased appetite to explore asset transfer as it presents sports clubs and national governing bodies with opportunities to own their facilities; it may also provide non-asset owning sports clubs with their first chance to take on a building.

We are committed to providing leadership in this area for all community sports partners. We have created a comprehensive toolkit to support both community sports clubs and local authorities through the asset transfer process.

The community sport asset transfer toolkit

The community sport asset transfer toolkit is an interactive web tool that provides a step-by-step guide through each stage of the asset transfer process.

Asset transfer is a complex area and can often be a daunting task for a sports club to undertake, especially those run mainly by volunteers. Developed in partnership with Locality - the UK’s leading network for community-led organisations - the toolkit aims to make the process as easy as possible by providing step-by-step information, resources, and case studies.

Click here to access the toolkit

Asset transfer enquiries

For all enquiries relating to community sport asset transfer please contact the asset transfer mailbox.