Sport Appeals Database

Sport Appeals was set up in 1993 to help support our work in the planning process

At the time, it was a reaction to a number of high profile cases, such as the Thames Ditton case and the Windermere speed limit, and a general perception that the provision of sports facilities was under threat.

The development of the database was designed to provide a resource to clubs and local authorities to help protect and enhance sites for sport which are subject to a planning appeal by providing access to precedences. The database is designed to help users quickly access planning appeal decisions, allowing the user to quickly search by sport, facility type etc.

We have recently updated the database and now allow free access to the system and records. Please note that there are 100 or so records which do not have decision letters attached at present. These will be added shortly.

Access the Sport Appeals Database

We're sorry that we don't provide any technical support for using the appeals database. If you are having problems, please see the Tips and Troubleshooting section below.

Minimum Recommended requirements: Screen Resolution 1024 x 768, Internet Explorer v 6.0 or Mozilla Firefox v1.0, session cookies enabled, pop up blocker disabled. For optimum performance: Internet Explorer v7.0 or Mozilla Firefox v2.0.

Tips for using the database

Keyword search

Although there are a number of fields that have been set up for sport and facility type, using the keyword search can be invaluable in refining your search or finding appeals, where the sports facility type may not fit into the data model e.g. pavilion, changing room etc.

The keyword search picks up anything that is in the proposal field, and you do not have to put in full sentences. For example extension will pick up any proposals that include extensions to clubs, grounds, pavilions etc.

Searching by fields

Some of the fields are relatively new, such as Obligations and Regional Spatial Strategy, so you may not find many appeal records.

In addition, under Planning Policy, some of the PPS’s are new and again, searching by them will not return that many records.

Returned records

The system returns up to 20 records per page. To view more click on the numbers under the last record, which correspond with the relevant page.

If you see a series or dots after the last number, then there are more pages. Click on the dots to see more.

Frequently asked questions

How many appeals are there on the database?

There are now approximately 3,500 appeals on the system covering all written representations, inquiries and informal hearings.

How far back do the appeal decisions go?

The database contains decisions back to 1990.

How is the database maintained?

The database is maintained by Steven Abbott Associates, with new appeals being loaded on as they become available.

What is the difference between the sports appeals database and other appeals databases, such as the service offered by Compass?

A service offered by Compass is always likely to be more comprehensive, because they receive every appeal decision, however the difference is that the sports appeals database has been specifically designed to pick up particular issues that concern sports facility provision, and therefore it is likely to be easier for the user to quickly zoom into the information that they want.

Is there any cost for using the appeals database?

No, access is free.


I press the start button to search but nothing seems to happen.

Is your pop up blocker enabled? In Internet Explorer go to Tools, Pop Up Blocker and turn off the Pop Up Blocker.

I press the start button to search and a screen appears however it shows a ‘Server Error’.

Are your settings on your browser set up to block cookies? In Internet Explorer go to Tools, Internet Options, Privacy and adjust the slider bar on Setting to it is set to Medium or below.

I only seem to be able to see part of the screen.

Is your screen resolution set to 1028 x 768? To check, right click on the desktop and click properties. On the box that appears go to settings and adjust the sliding scale accordingly until it is at 1028 x168.

On some of the appeals, not all of the fields as filled in.

We have carried out an upgrade to the original database and added a number of new fields. This means that on the older records not all of the fields will have been filled in.

When I select date the drop down boxes below overwrite the calendar for the date field, so I can’t select a date.

We are aware of this problem, and it occurs with browsers below Internet Explorer 7. You can still enter the date manually in the dd/mm/yyyy format.

I have run a search under Regional Spatial Strategy and no records have been returned.

Some of the fields are new and therefore very few appeals will be on the system which are recorded under this category. Other new fields include Obligations and Facility Type.

I click on view letter and nothing happens.

You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your PC to view the letter. If you already have this, but you still can’t read the document, go to the Adobe site and install the latest version of Reader.