2A: Purpose and vision

Working out the purpose of the asset transfer is the first stage of the process

Asset transfer works best where it responds directly to the needs of the community or the club and meets a need for the local authority too.

Asset transfer is far more likely to be successful where there is buy-in and support from a good cross-section of the community and from local councillors, so it’s important to involve your members and the wider community in this stage as well as talking to local politicians.

A successful asset transfer will be based on a clear purpose or vision for how the building or land will safeguard or improve the facilities and experience for that community

Established clubs and community organisations will already have members and community engagement processes. For start-up projects it will be important to engage the wider community at an early stage, when the purpose is still being defined. People are more likely to support a transfer when they have an input into the plans.

More information about community involvement can be found in Getting Transfer Ready.

Why are you considering an asset transfer?

Sports Clubs

Community Organisations

Local authorities

  • You want a secure home where you can grow and develop your sport and your club, without the threat of being moved on
  • The ground or building you currently use is threatened with closure or development
  • The ground or building you use is not fit for purpose and you want to raise capital funding to improve it or invest in it yourself.


  • A local sports or leisure facility is being offered for transfer by the Local Authority and you see an opportunity to acquire an asset base and develop your sports and leisure services;
  • A local open space or sports facility is derelict or underused and you want to bring it back into community use.
  • With budget cuts you need to dispose of some sports or leisure facilities
  • You believe that community organisation are better placed to run some facilities and services than the Council
  • You want to work with a club or group to get investment into a run-down ground or facility.


Community: Is the reason for wanting an asset transfer clear? Is there a clear vision for the future based around the transfer of facilities?
Community: Has the vision for the transfer been backed by local people?
Community: Does the purpose fit with your mission, aims and objectives as an organisation or do you need to change them?
Community: Do you have a clear and consistent message?