2E: Fitting in with public policy

This section aims to point groups and local authorities to the most important policy and strategic frameworks

Each project will need to decide which are the most significant and where the project is most likely to make a contribution.

Community sports groups and local authorities have many reasons for considering asset transfer of sports facilities. Some of the reasons may be practical – financial, legal and organisational. However, some of the reasons may be more strategic and it is helpful to understand some of the strategic drivers, as these can help to make the case for the asset transfer to politicians, funders and members and affect the likely success.

Strategic thinking

Some strategy comes from national government policy and legislation. Some comes from local government policy, sports governing bodies and funders, or other public sector bodies such as the NHS. Making sure the project is a good ‘fit’ with some of this policy and strategy is a good indicator of likely success, especially if it comes down to a choice between two organisations or another option for the facilities or site you are looking at transferring.

Ultimately, a Community Asset Transfer at ‘less than best consideration’ needs to be justifiable by the local authority and needs to make a contribution to national and local government objectives that aim to maximise public benefit from state resources. This is ever more important as budgets and resources shrink.

Things to consider

  • Sustainable Community Strategy
  • Land Use Planning
  • Section 106
  • Community Infrastructure Levy
  • Localism
  • Health Strategy
  • Sports Strategy
  • Economic Strategy
  • Community Development

Refer to Public Policy Overview for more information on each of these policy areas.

Community: Have you identified where the project fits with relevant local and national policies, in particular, Sports Strategy, local community strategy and the asset transfer strategy of the local authority?
Community: Have you checked the Local Plan and Neighbourhood Plan (if there is one) to see how the site is designated?
Local authority: have you considered how Community Asset Transfer fits into your sports and leisure and open spaces strategies?
Are there clear and transparent processes for initiating and completing asset transfers with clear criteria based on corporate priorities?