Affordable Sports Centres (25m pool)

Affordable Sports Centres (25m Pool)

Updated March 2015


A short brochure summarising the key issues that are covered in in the main document and appendices.

Affordable sports centres with Community 25m pool options

Main document

March 2015

This is an update of the previous Affordable Sports Centres document, first issued in August 2013. It gives design and capital cost options for combined 'affordable' multi-sports centres and includes swimming pools, sports halls and health and fitness facilities in a range of sizes. Procurement advice and business and operating models are also included.

The document has a particular focus on the 'affordability' and 'future financial sustainability' of multi-sports centres that can meet a full range of community needs and comply with best practice standards.

As with other affordable models, it is aimed at the early briefing and design stages of new projects and aims to give a better understanding of how 'affordable' and easily operated facilities can offer resource savings and help address health, wellbeing and demographic issues to better serve the specific needs of local community groups.   Together with the supporting appendices, the document is an essential reference for new sports centre projects or where the rationalisation of the existing sports centre stock is being considered. The main updates to this document include:

  • General enhancements to plans, elevations and 3D visualisation
  • Rationalisation of options
  • Specification and costs updated to comply with current Building Regulations, including Part L
  • Capital and revenue costs at 4Q 2014
  • Cost options for additional features included
  • Business model updated
  • Procurement updated.

Appendices Document

March 2015

The appendices have been expanded from the original documents and now contain further information on:

  • Detailed accommodation list
  • Schedule of areas
  • Further layouts of 'affordable' sports centres with community 25m pool options
  • Indicative pool configurations
  • Building fabric
  • Structural design and drainage
  • Building services
  • Energy and sustainability
  • Programme of use

Individual drawing, sections and elevations in pdf format

Option A – Ground and First Floor Plans

Option B – Ground and First Floor Plans

Option C – Ground and First Floor Plans

Option C – Sections and Elevations

Option D – Ground and First Floor Plans