Our logo

Our logo is really important to us and this has been with us since our beginning as The English Sports Council

We call the circular bit 'the player' and this history makes the Sport England logo instantly recognisable. You might have seen it on road signs or at your local leisure centre.

It's for this reason that we need to protect the identity to ensure that it remains meaningful.


You should only download and use our logo if you are permitted to do so. We reserve the right to stop you from using our logo if we do not believe its use is appropriate.

If you have received funding, you need to determine if you should use our joint National Lottery and Sport England logo or a standard Sport England logo. Most of our current funding programmes are funded by the National Lottery, so the joint logo should be used.

You can also download our logos and brand guidelines via our brand toolkit.

If you are unsure if you meet the requirements to download and use our logo, or which logo to use, then please email: brandhelp@sportengland.org.