Strategic planning 4.5

30 June 2017

4.5 Responsibility for the achievement of objectives, tasks and KPIs are allocated to specific committees, employees or volunteers.

  1. Has responsibility for the achievement of your objectives, tasks and KPIs within the strategic plan been allocated and documented? If not, is there an appropriate arrangement in place to manage your objectives, tasks and KPIs?
  2. Has responsibility for your objectives, tasks and KPIs been allocated to a committee, employee or volunteer with the relevant knowledge and expertise?
  3. Has the relevant committee, employee or volunteer been fully briefed about their responsibilities, in relation to the objective, task or KPI and has the relevant manager (or equivalent) ensured there a sufficient level of understanding about what is required?
  4. Are there adequate procedures in place to monitor progress to the achievement of your objectives, tasks and KPIs and to ensure that they are being appropriately managed by the responsible committee, employee or volunteer?