There are three pillars (outcomes) of governance in self assurance.

Click on the plus sign for the building blocks (supporting outcomes) of good governance, then find some Things to Think About to help you develop your governance, finance and control framework.

An effective and protective governance structure is in place

Self-assurance supporting outcomes Things To Think About         
1.1 The organisation is an incorporated company with a memorandum and/or articles of association, rules and regulations.  All Companies Acts requirements have been met in the last year. Where the organisation is a registered charity, all Charity Commission requirements, in particular the filing of accounts, annual return and change of trustee details, have been met in the last year arrow
1.2 The Memorandum and Articles of Association have been considered by the Board in the past four years and meet the needs of the organisation. They allow for open recruitment to the Board.  arrow
1.3 The company structure of the organisation (including subsidiaries, if applicable) has been considered by the board in the last four years and meets the needs of the organisation.  arrow
1.4 An annual report was produced, approved at the Annual General Meeting and made available to members and stakeholders.  arrow

1.5 Board/committee/council member election or appointment procedures have been reviewed in the past four years. This review has considered:

  • The need for a balanced board where no one individual or group dominates
  • At least 25% of the Board - and ideally 1/3rd - are independent members
  • Diversity within the board
  • A Board size that is appropriate to the organisation’s needs and supports effective decision-making (ideally no more than 12 members)
  • Board member terms normally being limited to 2x4 years

1.6 A committee/working group structure is in place with defined membership and terms of reference for each committee/working group.


The structure and operation of the board and its committees is sound and effective

Self-assurance supporting outcomes Things To Think About      
2.1 The Board and its Committees have met regularly, senior employees have attended as appropriate and minutes have been recorded.  arrow
2.2 The role of the Board and responsibilities of the Board members are recorded and available to members, employees and stakeholders.  arrow
2.3 The Board maintains a skills matrix which includes all skills required to carry out its role and responsibilities. The skills matrix informs Board member recruitment.  arrow
2.4 All Board members have undertaken an induction process outlining their role, responsibilities, the activities of the organisation, how the Board operates, accountability under the Companies Act, the Memorandum and Articles, relevant legislation.   arrow

2.5 Decision making powers, authorisation levels and statutory responsibilities have been delegated to individuals or committees and these delegations were reviewed in the last year.


2.6 Procedures were in place for effective communication and reporting between the Board, its committees, employees, members and key stakeholders.


2.7 All board members have completed declaration of interest forms. Declarations of interests are included on every board meeting agenda.


2.8 A system for annual evaluation of the Board, Committees and individual Board Members is in place and the evaluation has been completed in the last year. 


Legal support to the board and management is in place

Self-assurance supporting outcomes Things To Think About         
3.1 The appointment and/or contract of the organisation's solicitor and auditor have been reviewed in the past four years.  arrow
3.2 A mechanism is in place to ensure information regarding changes to legislation is obtained and relevant legislative changes are implemented.  arrow
3.3 Major contracts and legal documentation were evaluated by an appropriate person and were entered into in accordance with the delegated authority levels.  arrow
3.4 Legal advice has been obtained on any cases commenced against the organisation. The Board has been fully informed of the progress of legal cases and any associated risks.  arrow

3.5 The organisation is registered under the Data Protection Act.