About the TTTA tool

What is Things to Think About based on and why has it been developed?

We regularly receive requests from our core-funded sports bodies for help as they develop their governance, finance and control frameworks.

Things to Think About ( TTTA ) has been designed to provide support in that development, as well as to make details of the standards we already assess in the sports bodies we core-fundavailable to our wider group of stakeholders.

It is a series of governance, finance and control framework prompt questions to help you think about how you govern, manage and control your organisations, as well as useful website links with further information.

TTTA has been developed by Sport England and UK Sport using an existing framework – our self-assurance process.

What is the self-assurance process and how does TTTA link to it?

All core-funded sport bodies receiving public funding from us are required to complete an online ‘self-assurance’ return annually. The self-assurance process is a key responsibility of the Boards of our core funded bodies and encourages continuous improvement. Completion of the process provides assurance to us that our core funded bodies have adequate governance, financial and control frameworks in place or have actions planned to achieve the minimum standards we expect of our core-funded bodies.

TTTA is not part of the assessment process but bodies we core fund can use it to provide some self-assurance support. It also provides all-year-round governance, finance and control framework support not just to our core-funded bodies but also to all those involved in governing and managing sport.

TTTA is based on the self-assurance return which is a standards checklist. Our core-funded bodies measure themselves against these standards – their evaluation is then reviewed, assessed and reported to us by a firm of independent auditors. Meeting our assessed standards is designed to help ensure that public funds are secure and managed effectively by organisations that have robust governance, finance and wider control frameworks.