Our structure

Our main board takes overall responsibility for Sport England

Its remit includes:

  • Setting and agreeing strategy and policy
  • Overseeing the development and implementation of major projects
  • Approving all grant awards which exceed £2m 
  • Approving Sport England’s Annual Report and Financial Statements
  • Overseeing performance management

Our executive team  is responsible for the day-to-day running of the business.

We also have nine regional champions, appointed by the Government to act as advocates for community sport.

Find out more about our board and executive team.

The organisation is divided into six directorates – see below.

Business Partnerships

The Business Partnerships directorate manages Sport England’s relationships with the Government, media, the public and the commercial sector. This includes:

  • Promoting our funding programmes to generate strong applications and highlights the results of our investment
  • Helping the public, voluntary and private sectors understand how they can work with us and the benefits of doing so 
  • Managing the London 2012 digital legacy 
  • Securing private sector resources, including expertise, in-kind support and financial investment, to promote and develop grassroots sport
  • Working with the media to raise the profile of grassroots sport
  • Informing and advising the Government on issues relating to grassroots sport

The executive director of Business Partnership is Tanya Joseph.

Community Sport

The Community Sport directorate helps get more children and adults involved in sport in their neighbourhoods using local partners and local programmes.

It provides impartial and expert advice to local authorities and other community groups, and work closely with the county sports partnerships.

The directorate leads the Sportivate and Active Universities  programmes, leads Sport England’s involvement in the School Games, and works on its own initiative and with the sports themselves to increase the number of young people playing and volunteering in community sport.

The team's executive director is Mike Diaper.

Facilities and Planning

The Facilities & Planning directorate helps create, support and maintain the buildings, facilities and spaces we need to play sport.

It provides expert advice on facility design, works with the planning system to generate more investment in sport and acts as a statutory consultee if a potential new development threatens community playing fields. It maintains the Active Places database – a comprehensive map of sports facilities throughout England that helps local authorities plan their facility investment more strategically.

The team also works with the governing bodies we fund and with major asset owners to provide an overall view of facilities across the country, ensuring they meet the needs of the users and can continue to operate into the future. The team also manages our national sport centres, including Bisham Abbey and Lilleshall, as well as several other former Olympic sporting centres.

The team's executive director is Charles Johnston.

Corporate Services

Our Finance and Corporate Services directorate is responsible for all our back-office functions including finance, ICT and legal services. It ensures we have the systems, processes and technology we need to operate smoothly.

Its chief operating officer is Rona Chester.

NGB and Sport

The NGB and Sport directorate is responsible for managing Sport England’s investment of over £100 million each year in 46 sports and national partners.

Through relationship managers, supported by teams with individual areas of expertise, the directorate works closely with the NGBs to provide technical support, and expert advice to ensure our investment in them is effective.

The team has specialist expertise in:

  • Talent development
  • Participation
  • Workforce
  • Club development
  • Disability
  • Equality and diversity

The directorate is also responsible for managing several additional initiatives including Doorstep Clubs, Sport Makers, and Club Leaders.

The directorate is run by our Director of Sport, Phil Smith.


The Insight Directorate is responsible for putting insight at the heart of decision making, and in doing so changing the way Sport England and others think and act to drive increased participation and improved talent development.

The team will have specialist expertise in:

  • Information and data management
  • Research, evaluation and analysis
  • Behavioural change
  • Disability
  • Stakeholder engagement

The Insight Directorate works to ensure that high quality data and insight is openly available and shared across the community sport sector in England. This work supports the sector to use the logic, rigour and creativity of insight to provide solutions.

The Directorate is led by Director of Insight, Lisa O'Keefe.